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How to Use Williams %R to Identify if a Crypto is Overbought or Oversold

It has been said that fundamental analysis will tell you the story, while technical analysis is what signals when to get into and out of a trade. Technical analysis will help you see the direction of the current trend, and when the market is overbought and oversold. The Williams %R is a tool that helps traders identify trend direction, and signals when to buy and sell. In this article, we’ll learn about this relatively unknown indicator, as well as four strategies to trade with it.  see more

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I see ETH with a strong zone of volume between 3.7k and 3.9k makes me think of a similar retracement to that of BTC before returning to the 4.3k zone

Natural movement without the need for us to panic.

ETHUSDT 6h Chart


MurdockInvesMurdockInvesTrader Pro

We are going to look for the upward movement when the price reaches the marked area, we can use 2 stop loss levels, EVERYTHING depends on our risk management, it is advisable to use the invalidation level to avoid unnecessary losses

GoldenlifestyleFXGoldenlifestyleFXTrader Pro

We have a very short stop loss level and a very wide tp, which is why it is worth taking a risk and looking for a big downward movement, if the price exceeds our historical maximum, we go into purchases up to the 86k level

jharlinzljharlinzlTrader Pro

My opinion is explicitly based on the analysis of the waves that historically move the market, those waves that for more than 100 years have been called Elliot waves, today are represented in the indicator that can be seen at the top, which allows us to identify Visually the main and secondary waves that see the fluctuations and the direction of the price.

PERIOD: APRIL2020 - JUN2020 (2 months)
PERCENTAGE: + 60% approximately.
ANALYSIS: The price entered the blue trend quadrant called BULLISH IMPULSE, this quadrant confirms the beginning of the end of correction and announces the start of the bullish rally.


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Stock analysis provides many techniques to try to determine where prices will move.

Each trader will use the techniques that seem most successful to him. Whether a trader uses one technique or another to build his trading system depends on parameters such as knowledge, experience and his personality type.

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